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Flanged Pressure Reducing Valve, 05-050-DRV572

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Additional information

Connection Type

Flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092 PN25

Material Body


Inner Parts


Seat Sealing


Temperature Range

0°C to 75°C

  • balanced single seat diaphragm valve
  • for neutral gases and liquids
  • strainer material stainless steel
  • interchangeable internal parts
  • min. pressure difference 1 bar
  • both sides pressure gauge connection G 1/4
  • inl. press. max. 25 bar
  • outlet pressure 0,5-4 bar
Art. Nr. DN PN kg
05-050-DRV572-15 DN15 PN25 2.37
05-050-DRV572-20 DN20 PN25 3.13
05-050-DRV572-25 DN25 PN25 4.12
05-050-DRV572-32 DN32 PN25 6.02
05-050-DRV572-40 DN40 PN25 8.64
05-050-DRV572-50 DN50 PN25 11.30
05-050-DRV572-65 DN65 PN25 13.45
05-050-DRV572-80 DN80 PN25 19.10