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T700 – Bidirectional

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Connection Type

Flanges acc. to DIN PN10/16

Material Body

GG25, GGG40, GGG50

Seat Sealing


The model 700 knife gate valve is a monoblock body design full bore bidirectional shut off valve, offering a zero leakage shut off up to 10 bar to size DN250. Available in wafer and lug versions.

  • Short FTF dimensions as per manufacturer standard. Other standards such as DIN3202 K1 and MSS-SP-81 under demand.
  • 100% full bore valve, water tight in both directions.
  • One piece monoblock body design (up to DN250), special seal housing and design avoiding any build-up.
  • Stainless steel both sides polished gate to avoid seat damaging and lengthening packing durability.
  • U-profile perimeter resilient seat with internal reinforced steel core to increase durability.
  • Internal gate guides provide support through the entire range of travel eliminating both lateral movement and deflection. Additionally, they scrape & clean the knife so no fluid reach the surrounding environment.