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T200 – Lug Bidirectional

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Additional information

Connection Type

Flanges acc. to ANSI 125/150, Flanges acc. to DIN PN10 / PN16 / PN25

Material Body

254SMO, A216 WCB, CF8 (AISI304), CF8M (AISI316), GG25, GGG40, GGG50, SS310, SS904

Inner Parts


Seat Sealing


Bidirectional valve type full lug is machined like a type 200 BI valve, so its applications and characteristics are the same. The difference lies in the pipe connections (in blind and through threaded holes).These valves are more firmly secured to the installation. That’s why, on many occasions, they are used as end of line valves. Its general purpose is for fluid loaded with solids in suspension, main application in plants and sewage drives.

  • Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop.
  • The internal design of the body avoids any build up of solids in the seat area.
  • During the working time of the valve, the knife is in contact with the joints.
  • Cast body of one integral piece with internal guides to support the knife and with wedges on both sides to work with fluids in both directions with the same pressure.
  • Recommended for water with maximum concentration of solid of 5%.
  • Two directional arrows in the body show the correct mounting position.