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Pressure Reducing Valve (Diaphragm Type), 05-044-274_280

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Additional information

Material Body


Inner Parts


Seat Sealing


Temperature Range

0°C to 80°C

  • Both ends female thread
  • Locking handle
  • Inlet pressure max. 40 bar
  • Outlet pressure 0,5-25 bar
Art. Nr. DN PN kg
05-044-274_280-G1/2 G1/2 PN40 1.00
05-044-274_280-G3/4 G3/4 PN40 3.48
05-044-274_280-G1 G1 PN40 3.48
05-044-274_280-G11/4 G1-1/4 PN40 5.26
05-044-274_280-G11/2 G1-1/2 PN40 5.26