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SKU: 03-RA66TFCBS Category:

Additional information

Connection Type

Flanges acc. to ISO 5211 / DIN 3337

Material Body

Stainless steel

Inner Parts

Stainless steel

Seat Sealing


Temperature Range

-140°C to 200°C

  • For industrial applications reduced passage
  • 3-piece body
  • Shape: Straightway shape
Art. Nr. DN kg
03-RA66TFCBS-DN8 DN8 0.50
03-RA66TFCBS-DN10 DN10 0.50
03-RA66TFCBS-DN15 DN15 0.50
03-RA66TFCBS-DN20 DN20 0.50
03-RA66TFCBS-DN25 DN25 1.10
03-RA66TFCBS-DN32 DN32 1.70
03-RA66TFCBS-DN40 DN40 2.70
03-RA66TFCBS-DN50 DN50 3.80