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Fire-Safe-Ball-Valves, 03-512-TAFS

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Connection Type

Flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092 PN10/40

  • Two-part
  • Overall length according to EN 558, GR. 1 and GR. 27
  • With head flange to DIN EN ISO 5211, for direct mounting of drives
  • TA-Luft certified according to VDI 2440
  • Fire-Safe according to API 670 and DIN EN ISO 10497
  • Anti-Static spindle
  • 3.1 Inspection certificate according to DIN EN ISO 10204
  • Available with electric and pneumatic
  • Actuators and manually operated with limit position switches
Art. Nr. DN PN
03-512-TAFS-015 DN015 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-020 DN020 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-025 DN025 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-032 DN032 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-040 DN040 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-050 DN050 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-065 DN065 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-080 DN080 PN40/PN16
03-512-TAFS-0100 DN100 PN40/PN16