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Butterfly Valve Wafer Type, 04-063NC

Additional information

Connection Type

Suitable for flanges acc. to DIN/JIS/ANSI

Material Body

Nodular cast iron

Inner Parts

Stainless steel

Seat Sealing


Temperature Range

-10°C to 80°C

Application Range

Neutral gases, Lubrication oil, Seawater, Cold and warm water

Art. Nr. DN PN ØD Kg
04-063NC-50 DN50 PN10 76.3 11.80
04-063NC-65 DN65 PN10 89 12.20
04-063NC-80 DN80 PN10 104 12.70
04-063NC-100 DN100 PN10 135 15.00
04-063NC-125 DN125 PN10 159 16.10
04-063NC-150 DN150 PN10 188,4 18.10
04-063NC-200 DN200 PN10 238,3 23.40
04-063NC-250 DN250 PN10 292,5 20.50
04-063NC-300 DN300 PN10 344,2 36.20
04-063NC-350 DN350 PN10 375 67.00
04-063NC-400 DN400 PN10 99.00
04-063NC-450 DN450 PN10 123.00
04-063NC-500 DN500 PN10 149.00
04-063NC-600 DN600 PN10 266.00